Does Changing Weather in Palm Springs Cause a Bug Infestation?

Does Changing Weather in Palm Springs Cause a Bug Infestation?

There are some things you can’t control, even as a property owner. If you own a home or business in Palm Springs, CA, you might have noticed that the city has been dealing with increasing bug infestation over the past few years. Because of the year-round high temperatures and abundant humidity provided by Palm Springs’ indoor pools and golf courses, it’s no wonder that bugs thrive there. Even if you can’t prevent these pests from moving into your home, several techniques guarantee they don’t remain for lengthy periods. The following blog post will give you information about how changing weather in Palm Springs might cause a bug infestation and what steps you can take to keep them at bay.

Why Does the Weather in Palm Springs Cause a Bug Infestation?

Why Does the Weather in Palm Springs Cause a Bug Infestation?

While we can’t control the climate or prevent it from changing, we can take steps to ensure that pests don’t take advantage of any changes. A change in weather is one of the essential elements that might contribute to bug infestation. If you live in a desert environment, extreme temperatures are expected. As a result, you may have noticed populations of pests like ants, cockroaches, and spiders fluctuate throughout the year. Extreme heat can kill insects, so populations tend to increase during spring and summer. Cold weather usually kills bugs so you may find far fewer pests in your home during the fall and winter.

Expect more Charcoal Seed Bug infestation after wetter winters in Palm Springs.

Seed Bug infestation after wetter winters - bug infestation

One of the most significant pests in Palm Springs is the charcoal seed bug. These pests are so difficult to eradicate that many property owners hire professional exterminators to get rid of them. Charcoal seed bugs are also false chinch bugs and thrive in areas with high humidity. Following a wetter winter in Palm Springs, you may see more charcoal seed bugs than usual. To prevent this pest from staying on your property, dry off any locations where these insects could attempt to nest. Minimize moisture by wiping down shower walls and floors, keeping potted plants off the ground, and properly drying laundry after washing. It would be best if you also sealed any cracks in your home to keep these pests from getting in.

Grasshoppers Thrive In Times Of Desert Droughts

Grasshoppers - bug infestation

You may not see grasshoppers in your yard every day. However, if you live in a desert climate, these pests can appear in large numbers suddenly. Droughts cause bugs to become desperate for water, and the only way they can get it is by drinking fluids. To prevent grasshoppers from getting inside your home, keep landscaping plants trimmed, remove any potted plants, and make sure gutters are clean. If your home is on a well, ensure you have a functioning screen over your water spigot. If you often see grasshoppers in your yard, you can usually get rid of them by spraying a garden hose at them.

When Palm Springs Floods, Trees Die, and the Flathead Borer Beetles Thrive

Borer Beetles - bug infestation

Flooding can cause much damage in Palm Springs. Unfortunately, it can also lead to a bug infestation. For example, suppose a flood kills trees. In that case, a wood-eating beetle known as the flathead borer beetle may take advantage of the situation. To prevent this from happening:

  1. Keep trees well pruned and away from your house.
  2. Check for and remove any insects that may have occupied the bark.
  3. Seal holes or cracks in your home’s exterior to keep these beetles from getting inside. It would help if you also were looking for Asian beetles, which are attracted to wood.
  4. Keep them out of your house by keeping firewood at least 20 feet away from the building and cleaning up any outside furniture that may have tiny slivers of wood on it.

Termites Prefer Hot And Dry Climates Like Palm Springs

Termites - bug infestation

Termites are often considered the most destructive pests in the United States. Unlike other pests, they don’t feed on your home’s blood but consume the wood it’s made of. If you live in a desert-like Palm Springs, termites are less likely to be an issue. If you live near a water source, you may be more likely to see a termite infestation. Improve your home’s termite protection by installing wood or composite boards on your deck, maintaining landscaping, and repairing any cracks or holes in the exterior walls of your home. To prevent termites from getting inside, keep wood debris and furniture away from the house, use a tarp to cover any areas being renovated, and check for small holes along the eaves or siding of your home.

When the weather in Palm Springs changes, pests such as wood-eating beetles, termites, and false chinch bugs might thrive. Practicing excellent yard maintenance, keeping your house clean, repairing any damage, and applying pest control products to keep these pests at bay is essential. You may not be able to control the weather, but you can take steps to make sure it doesn’t cause a bug infestation in your home.

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