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Blackwidow Control

These spiders are found all over the desert. They like to make their nests in furniture, water heaters, closets, garages, air conditioners, and bushes, where they happily catch and snack on crickets. Black Widows are the most poisonous of all desert spiders and it’s a good idea to sign up for regular pest control service to keep these deadly pests at bay. Wondering if your visiting pest is a Black Widow? Look for eight legs, a black body color, and a red mark on the bottom of the spider.

Black widows are a typical desert spider in the California desert that can withstand very hot and arid circumstances. However, black widows may also be found in Southern California's hilly terrain over 5,000 feet elevation, when snow covers the ground every winter. The warmer environment of the American South is favorable for the development of black widow spiders. They are often spotted near woodpiles, and they frequently enter buildings via the access points produced when firewood is carried inside.

The webs produced by black widow spiders are tangled and irregular. The typical location for a spider web is low to the ground and behind a ledge that provides protection, such as under outdoor furniture or stacked wood. The presence of the female wearing the familiar red hourglass symbol also serves as an indication of their existence.

Even though spiders are beneficial, these Palm Desert spiders can be harmful and should be eliminated promptly. Black widows and brown recluses are the two most frequent spiders seen in the Palm Desert and Palm Springs area. If you come across one of these spiders, you should immediately seek expert spider management.


Palm Desert Spider Identification

House spiders, grand daddy long legs, and wolf spiders are common spiders seen in houses. We are always available to help with spider control, regardless of the kind of spider you encounter.

The bodies of black widows can be used to identify them. They measure 3/4′′ to 3/8′′ in diameter and have a red hourglass on the reverse. They are often discovered in trash or wood piles. While black widows are not lethal, they may cause infection if bitten.

Because this spider often dwells in close proximity to people, Black Widow bites are rather common in California. Despite being dangerous to humans, death from a Black Widow bite is now rare due to the discovery of anti-venom. The most common side effect of a bite is pain and discomfort, and there is typically little to no impact. The venom of the black widow spider contains neurotoxins, which are substances that have a negative impact on the neurological system. Female black widow spiders are more likely to attack people if they feel threatened by them. 

While black widows are not deadly, they may cause illness if bitten. Only females bite, and the bite appears pale with a red ring around it. A black widow spider bite may cause the following symptoms:


  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Itching
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Difficulty breathing

If you come across a black widow in your home or near your property call Mr. Beez Pest Control of Palm Desert right away!

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