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While do-it-yourself pest control services seem like a swift and inexpensive option, a professional exterminator can actually save you more time, hassle, and money— especially for larger infestations and continuing problems. We’ve been servicing the Palm Springs area for over 30 years at Mr. Beez Termite & Pest Control, so we know exactly what products and application methods to use on whatever type of infestation you may have.


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As a licensed, bonded, and insured pest control company, we take confidence in providing services you can trust. We’ve served the entire Coachella Valley for over 30 years, which means we know exactly what products and application methods to use for any kind of infestation you may have. We’ll even share preventative measures with you to make sure your home stays pest-free.

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Calling in the professionals at a pest control company after an infestation in your house is typically the wisest course of action; however, these last-minute remedies may come with a hefty price tag and a great deal of stress. Instead of calling an exterminator just when there is a problem, homeowners may find that investing in preventative treatment regularly is more beneficial. Mr. Beez Pest Control pros have produced a list of the advantages of keeping regular pest control.


  • Ongoing pest control services are beneficial in ensuring your property is always protected from any infestation.
  • Ongoing pest control can prevent any future pest problems from occurring in advance.
  • Additionally, many bugs also carry diseases and the number of bugs you see in your home may fluctuate with the seasons.
  • Using store or do-it-yourself products can be unsafe and ineffective. With ongoing pest control done by a professional company, you can rest assured that your home and your family are safe any time of the year.

At Mr. Beez Termite & Pest Control Company, your safety and satisfaction is our primary concern. For a free quote, you can give us a call at (760) 774-9112. You can also contact us online!

While there’s never a bad time to get pest control services for your home or business, spring and early summer are typically the best times for pest control services. ...

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. You can give us a call at (760) 774-9112 or contact us online for a free quote today!

We offer a variety of different discounts to help you afford the pest control services you need. We offer a 10% military and senior citizen discount off the initial service cost. You also have a chance to get $35 off your next service by referring a friend to us. If you choose to do continued treatments with us, consider paying annually to get a free month of service. 

If you're inquiring about pest inspection and/or pest control, chances are you've attempted to handle the problem yourself. While taking matters into your own hands is admirable in some instances, pest control most often demands more preparation and attention than you can provide. Homeowners often lack the skills and time to address most pest-related circumstances that are often faced in or around a house or business. If you want to nip your pest management issue in the bud immediately, contact us at (760) 774-9112.

Here at Mr. Beez Termite & Pest Control, we recommend a pest control program that suits the needs of you, your family, and your property. In most instances, servicing your home quarterly or bi-monthly is often sufficient enough to make sure your home stays pest-free. However, if you’re experiencing a higher rate of infestation, you may need pest control services more often than once every few months. The best course of action would be to have a professional pest control company evaluate the condition of your property in order to determine the best plan for you!


You can contact us online or at (760) 774-9112 for a free estimate. With our experience servicing the Palm Springs area, we can assure you that we have the knowledge and skills to make sure your home stays pest free!


Regular visits from your local exterminator involve:

  • Looking for changes or signs of pest activity.
  • Inspecting traps.
  • Implementing preventive measures to limit pest populations.

Even if pests aren't apparent, monthly inspections allow pest control professionals to evaluate the infrastructure of your building or business and hunt for new pests-related dangers. Furthermore, frequent inspections help to keep pest treatment expenditures low.

We suggest quarterly or bi-monthly pest control treatments for apartments and homes to properly avoid common pests or when moving into a new home or apartment. Monthly treatments over 3 to 6 months are recommended for more significant infestations. However, the suggested frequency is affected by your location, building size, weather conditions, time of year, and pest types.

If you are worried about the application, it is recommended that you stay away from the house for a few hours once it has been sprayed. This will give you an excellent chance of avoiding any potential health risks.


The concentration of pesticides intended to control insects found in homes is relatively low. The different formulas are designed to be used around the house. Dust and aerosols are intended to be inserted into cracks and crevices for pest control. They are excellent against pests while also leaving no trace of any residue behind.

Mr. Beez Pest Control's priority is the safety and happiness of our clients, as well as being as environmentally friendly as possible. Our products are EPA certified and biodegradable, and all our personnel has received extensive training in industry safety rules and norms. We utilize the same materials used in sensitive environments like schools and hospitals. We take pleasure in offering pet and child-friendly pest remedies to our customers.

The most potent products on the market have a shelf life of 60-90 days. They then biodegrade and become a part of the natural ecosystem; otherwise, the Environmental Protection Agency would not have listed them (EPA). The weather impacts the treatments' effectiveness, but not as much as you would imagine. Look at the base of your house the next time it rains; chances are, it's still dry. This indicates that the barrier spray is still effective.

In most circumstances, you should observe a considerable drop in insect activity within one to two days. The pest determines the precise duration at hand and the products used to get the most remarkable long-term outcomes.


In some cases, you may notice a slight increase in insect activity immediately after our first treatment. This is a good sign! This indicates that pesticides are effective. We have disturbed their usual mating and feeding patterns, and they are hunting for a new home — the only difference now is that they are covered with pesticides. They won't be around for long. Allow a week or two for it to calm down, but give us a call if it persists - we may need to give them another dose.

The goal of Mr. Beez Pest Control is to provide personalized treatment plans for each client. Every service plan considers your home, the nature of the pest infestation, and the natural environment. Because of this, it is impractical to provide single, all-encompassing pricing. In this particular case, it is recommended to contact us.

YES! The only practical approach for dealing with bugs is a preventive one. They will get back to us somehow, shape or form. When they arrive, the decision about whether or not to secure your residence will be entirely up to you. If you don't use pesticides to keep them out, then what's keeping them from entering your house in the first place?


Be sure to ask us any concerns about keeping your house pest-free for years to come, as we provide protection against a wide variety of pests that are local to Palm Springs, California, and the surrounding areas. We take great pleasure in resolving inquiries and will assist in any manner we can.

At Mr. Beez Pest Control, we have very high standards for our employees. Each of our employees has gone through an in-depth and thorough interview process. We have found that hiring the right professionals takes time, patience, and effort. Along with extensive vetting of potential employees, we also require background checks and industry certifications.

All technicians get on-the-job training from an experienced trainer for the first several weeks. Our personnel continually learn and raise their professional standards, resulting in a solid and inspiring team dynamic. Once employed, our staff is subjected to continual training and testing.


Our objective is to communicate with our clients as fast as possible constantly. Each of our technicians is assigned a regular route to deliver this level of pleasant and transparent customer service. They will be acquainted with the homes and clients they serve, resulting in not just interpersonal ties but also the capacity to grasp each customer's unique demands.

Our clients will get a courtesy message the working day before each regular service. Finally, we add special service notes to each customer's account, allowing us to conduct the service following the customer's particular demands and wants.

We are constantly learning about new products and methods that can help us improve our services.

Suppose it is necessary for you, your family, or your pet to leave the premises. In that case, your technician will gladly advise you on how to do so. Surfaces that have been treated often need some amount of drying time.

Many clients believe that pesticides will be washed away by rain. As a result, pest control companies often get calls to reschedule their treatments due to bad weather. Contrary to common assumptions, rain and snow have little effect on pest control measures. Rain and light snow may improve pest control services since bugs are pulled out of the earth.


Rain and mild snow have also been reported to help pest control services. This is because certain items (formulated granular pellets) are put on a property that requires water to be activated. These pellets penetrate deeply into your soil, keeping crickets, earwigs, ants, and other unwanted pests at bay. If you reside in a location that often sees unusually severe weather, tell your pest control specialist about it.


When it comes to interior pest management, bear in mind that window locations, door frames, and crevasses are often targeted. Wet weather conditions are seldom a pest management issue since they usually are dry.

Yes. Here's why:


  • Pests may quickly enter newly constructed houses because the foundations sometimes contain fractures or other openings that they can squeeze through.
  • Since a significant portion of the building process involves leaving your property exposed to the outside environment, insects and rodents will have an easier time invading your space.
  • Before they are employed, many of the building materials used in the construction of homes are kept in circumstances that are open and often wet.
  • There were instances when insects already existed inside the construction components.
  • Insects are drawn to the high amounts of moisture present in a newly constructed house.
  • Many new houses are constructed in locations that have just undergone land clearing, which disrupts the soil, brush, grass, and trees in which many pests had been residing.
  • Termites are attracted to bits of leftover wood.
  • Fruit flies are attracted to discarded food remains.
  • Sawdust accumulations behind walls may support the growth of mildew, which is a food source for a wide variety of bugs.
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