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Prevent Fire Ants In Your Desert Home With These Tips

Fire ants are a nuisance. Prevent these pesky critters from entering your Palm Springs home with these helpful tips.

First, it is important to get a basic understanding of fire ants. These pests are attracted to a warmer, drier climate. As the temperature rises, especially during the summer months, fire ants enter homes in search of food and water. If you begin to notice fire ants coming into your residence, take immediate action. These insects are the most dangerous type of ant in the desert valley. Fire ants have a fierce bite that causes a bee-like sting, and left untreated can lead to a nasty staph infection.

Eliminating the Food Source

Food draws in these ants; therefore, it is crucial to keep stored food in the house tightly sealed. Be sure to clean up any food or drink spills to avoid attracting these critters. Bear in mind; it is important to refrain from dumping any kitchen waste on the lawn. Eliminating the food source for these ants will help keep you and your family safe.


Fire ants do not require soil when looking for a forever home; however, they do need a certain amount of moisture present to nest. Take proper precautions to dodge these pests by fixing any water leaks throughout the home, in particular, leaks in wall voids. Next, examine the exterior faucets of the residence to make sure they do not drip. Don’t forget to pay close attention to your roof drainage system. The build-up of water is a safe haven for these creatures, so it is essential to prevent future leaks.

Potted Plants

Fire ants favor cooler environments to escape the dry, hot heat. These pests can migrate to potted plants to find relief from the unbearable heat. Homeowners can unknowingly transport this type of ant into their homes when moving potted plants into the residence. Avert fire ants from entering your humble abode by carefully examining your potted plants before moving them inside.

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